Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sweet Sadness

Sweet Sadness
The sweet sadness of my mistakes
I’m missing you like crazy
You aint gotta tell me twice
I know I fucked up
I will be the bigger person
Admit I fucked up
But damn I fucked up
This pain is more than these walls caging me in
Why did I do
What I did
This sweet sadness
My mistakes
My guilt trip
Will it taunt me
Like a shadow of day
Will it hurt more than it already has
Will it do to me what I’ve done to you
The sweet sadness of my devotion
Cant do this any longer
Want a blade to my wrist
Right down the road
This sweet sadness got me holding on
To nothing more than these memories
That wont leave
I cant break ties cause it seems right
I wanna tell you that im dedicated to change
But I’m not
How bad did it hurt
Less than this I hope
Another day another moment
The mistakes I’ve made
Got me through the day by day night terrors
The sweet sadness got me being the enemy
to my true self
You took all of my energy
You killed what was left of me
The sweet sadness is nothing more than the lies
I will lay down
To die with

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