Monday, November 15, 2010


Another Lover who Has ur Heart
Why is it so hard
We should be together
We should be happy
Why cant we be
I know we each have another lover
But why when you hold me
Everything feels right
Why is it that we are so close but yet so far
We will never know what could have been
Why is it we hide our true feelings to please another
Why is it that we try to let things just be
Why is it that when I tell myself to not think about you I do
Why is it that I try to stay away from you
But I turn the corner and your right their
I want you so bad its my only wish
Why cant we just be happy together
All things must come to an end
But I’ll give my last dieing day
To be with you under the stars
Where our heart beats combined as one
Just one last time
Forgive me for my weakness
But I don’t think I can survive
With out seeing you
I can live life without having you
But I don’t want to
We were meant to be
Nothing ever just happens
So why cant we leave our lovers and become lovers
The love, the lust,
My devotion to you
This is all I have to offer.
What they have with each other is more than they will ever have with another in a lifetime

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