Saturday, November 13, 2010


You say no one cares for you
cant you see, i do.
dont you understand
I'll always be here
I dont want you going anywhere
I couldnt bare it
So whatever you wanna do to ur self
Please dont do that to me
Im sorry for all the hurt
that i caused you.

Im sorry for all the hurt that my past has caused you
and the one question that keeps popping in my head is what does this mean for us.
I truly dont know
but we'll figure it out because i know no matter what i wanna be with you

The problem with love is that its not always as simple as it sounds
sometimes you get more than u bargined for
or you discover that in gaining one thing you've lost something else
but every once in a while the fates smile upon you
and you get the one thing you really need.

xoxo Lizbeth

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